Kayaking able tasman national park

stevenson family holiday’d in the able tasman park late December to 5th jan 2011. photos of this adventure can be found on Flickr at
Was the first visit to the south island for chris and Samantha , we all had an amazing time.

One comment

  1. That white water rafting is a hoot. Did some on Snowy River in wet weather early 90’s.
    I remember a long paddle over several days down Murrumbidgee River when I was around 24. An Outward Bound adventure, 13 of us split between 2 rafts, 2 lilo’s and 2 kayaks. On one long section down a natural fish ladder some 50 metres wide and several hundred metres long I spotted dorsal fin of a fish. Primal instincts kicked in, I attacked with a paddle. A big Murray Cod, tail on ground it dangled from my waist. Cooked in a depression on a sandy island – total fire ban ! – it fed 13. They’re now protected.

    Still need your address for Volume 4.

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