She made it !!😊😊

Our last day on the Alps to the Ocean started at Duntroon and the route take a meandering path through a has a variety of country – over about 53 Kms – till you arrive at Oamaru . Starts with ” Elephant Rocks” then skirts interesting limestone rocks and so some railway cuttings.

IMG_0966.JPGBarb was hoping for a ” real” coffee before we hit the trail but the well regarded Flying pig cafe has opening hours that are pretty hopeless for the early and late cycling fraternity that pass by this corner of the world. If they get their act together they will do good business but sometimes hard to teach old southern dogs new tricks.Elephant rocks





IMG_0969.JPGIt was a challenging final leg – lots of steep hills and was a little bit tough. Barb maintained she was enjoying it but I said , ” yeah – like a sadist enjoying a good flogging” energy levels started to flag and we did not have enough food.
The final Kms take the rider through the very pretty Oamaru gardens – quite striking.

IMG_0974.JPGTrue to form Barb had a celebratory swim in the Pacific Ocean to celebrate her successful completion of her ride. She estimates she rode something over 200 Kms.
Well done Barb


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