Nagasaki Bomb museum

Nagasaki became forever famous on august 9 1945 – the year the Americans dropped a 4.5 ton nuclear bomb on the city. The city had a population of about 240000 . The bomb killed 73000and injured a further 74000 with gruesome burns to many of the victims.

The Japanese have built a new museum on the site – close to the hypocentre of the blast. A great place to visit with amazing displays of information on what happens that fateful day.

The historical account is without bias or blame and really only sets out to inform without judgment. Very moving experience to see this place close up and a little surprising that the city was rebuilt right on top of this radioactive wasteland.

Nagasaki is fairly small – easy to walk the city. Lots of places to eat and a Chinese section as well. I was lucky to find an English speaking guide today – Ty – we had a good look round the various points of interest and had an interesting traditional Japanese lunch together.

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