Bruce Stevenson lives in the far North of New Zealand – small town called Kerikeri.He is married to Barbara. This blog – started in 2010 – is mostly about travel adventures.<a

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Bruce has been a beekeeper since about 1979- specialising in production of Manuka honey to a medical specification – end point use.

Bruce’s love of adventure is realised through cycling and also sea kayaking.

The Family Photo has Barbara – and the kids – Samantha and Christopher ( 19 and 17 years old – 2011)

Cycling info can be found at

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  1. Hi Bruce,
    Remember us, Thomas the Swiss and me the German you met at your bike ride across the Nullabor. We went to see the whales at the great bight together… I wanted to write you for a while now. You told us about your small and super lightweight chair one I did a bit of research and ended up purchasing 2 for us as well. They are sooo cool! Thanks for sharing your find with us 🙂
    Enjoy your walks across your country!
    Nicole and Thomas

    • Of course I remember you two 😊 glad to hear about your purchase of the one chairs – are you still flying lots hours ? We return to the outback this week with a 4×4 hilux ( Henrietta ) we plan to head to the Kimberly’s . Start at Adelaide where I had purchased Henrietta . Will keep the blog running 😉

      • Oh that is excellent! I’m sure you’ll love it! If you can, try to visit Karijini NP. It’s a highlight!!

        No, we didn’t do much flying around the country.

        Have a wonderful trip and take care!

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