Bruce Stevenson lives in the far North of New Zealand – small town called Kerikeri.He is married to Barbara. This blog – started in 2010 – is mostly about travel adventures.<a

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Bruce has been a beekeeper since about 1979- specialising in production of Manuka honey to a medical specification – end point use.

Bruce’s love of adventure is realised through cycling and also sea kayaking.

The Family Photo has Barbara – and the kids – Samantha and Christopher ( 19 and 17 years old – 2011)

Cycling info can be found at

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  1. Hi Bruce,
    Remember us, Thomas the Swiss and me the German you met at your bike ride across the Nullabor. We went to see the whales at the great bight together… I wanted to write you for a while now. You told us about your small and super lightweight chair one I did a bit of research and ended up purchasing 2 for us as well. They are sooo cool! Thanks for sharing your find with us πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your walks across your country!
    Nicole and Thomas

    • Of course I remember you two 😊 glad to hear about your purchase of the one chairs – are you still flying lots hours ? We return to the outback this week with a 4×4 hilux ( Henrietta ) we plan to head to the Kimberly’s . Start at Adelaide where I had purchased Henrietta . Will keep the blog running πŸ˜‰

      • Oh that is excellent! I’m sure you’ll love it! If you can, try to visit Karijini NP. It’s a highlight!!

        No, we didn’t do much flying around the country.

        Have a wonderful trip and take care!

  2. joined the Weser tour, met Wilfied, Cloudine and Philip, Achim and Dagmar and several others we met at the Elbe in 1917. On the lower Weser ( to the sea) we were so happy to have backwind, so a quick and easy passage! I am now back home and Esther is walking in the mountains with her husband. All pictures are on facebook. Greetings Hans

    • Great to hear from you Hans 😊😊Also please say hi to Esther from both of us . I will try to find you on Facebook – or perhaps you can send me a link ( friend request ) on Facebook so we can stay in touch .
      All best , Bruce and Barbara

  3. Hi Bruce. Daniel here. You bought a hilux off me urs ago. I was curious how u been, and how your travels are going. Tried emailing you, but it bounced back. All the best. Daniel

    • All well Daniel , covid interfered with travel plans of course , but I did finally sell the Hilux just before covid hit and got a good price too . Have been doing a long walk this summer in nz South Island , you can see that on my blog .
      Was a great vehicle

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