day 3 Gladstone to Pt Augusta

fantastic day on the bike – covered 123 km through varied scenery. for the last time I will be able to ride 20 Kms up the road and find a place to get a BIG cooked breakfast. The last time as from here on there is no place to stop between destinations.

my ride headed up to the flinders ranges stopped at Melrose and Wilmington before a nice little climb up to a place called Horrocks Pass. From there I had a fun descent that went for a good 10 Kms finally meeting the main highway. from there it was a 23 km grovel against the wind and with heavy traffic.

the main highway was the route that Charles took – staying at Port Perie last night. He actually arrived about one hour before me – but is very tired after compressing the 300 Kms into only 2 days. We area discussing options as we speak.

So what is the difference between your average ausy and a little pottle of Yoghurt??

Well – the Yoghurt starts off with a little culture!
( I did say average – as I am married to a sweet exception to the rule!)
Sorry could not resist after seeing this other road safety sign up on the main highway in.
Am I being too PC?? Or is it simply that this is a word that at least all australians have a clear understanding of?

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