Spuds to Glenbambo 113 Kms

Another early breakfast while we waited for daylight and an indication that our weather predictions was going to be accurate. indeed it was – very mild conditions with almost no wind at all. We made excellent progress and managed to get along at 30 Kms per hour.

Also found a young couple who agreed to take the panniers and drop them off at the Glendambo hotel. Tomorrow we will need to camp out as the distance to Coober Pedy is over 250 Kms – bit too far for my energy levels I think. We will need to carry all our gear tomorrow which will slow us up a bit.

Arrived at Glendambo at midday and so far we have managed to organize a water drop off on the route so that we will have enough for camping and also enough for the following day as we finish the section off into Coober Pedy

500 Kms completed so about a third of the way

The botanical name anyone?????

can u see the Emu on the horizon

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