Glendambo to Coober Pedy 256kms

The distance from Glendambo to Coober pedy is just too far for a single day so we left fully loaded with all the camping kit and a target of getting 155 Kms before establishing a camp in the scrub. We gave a 10 Litre water container to this old couple in a camper and he promised to stop at the road marker for 100 Kms to go to coober pedy and place the water someplace out of sight.
Was a hard day with a constant breeze from west to norwest which made progress slow. The one saving grace on this highway is the smooth surface – the big road trains seem to level it out into a uniform surface that helps for smooth peddling as the hours tick by.

We have system of stopping for a short break every hour – chance to restore circulation in parts squeezed and rehydrate and snack. We arrived at the 100 km to go marker ( 155 km ridden) and were delighted to find the water placed as promised. It was 4 .30 pm and we had only and hour or so of light to get the camp set up and a feed sorted. We were able to cook with my little petrol burner and had a dehy meal each a supposed to serve 4 persons but not enough really.

Thanks for the multiple messages regarding the Sturts desert Pea
They are really impressive – simply exquisite

Dare I ask anyone for identification for this fine specimen? picking up Aussy birds is a bad habit of mine!! this one was a bit wiffy.

we packed up very early for the last 100 Kms into coober pedy. My bike computer said 4.9 degrees c – really cool but the temp gradually increased as the morning progressed. Unfortunately so did the wind which towards the end of the ride was on the nose yet again. We were both absolutely spent and could hardly wait for he last Kms to pass under our weary legs.
Arrived at Coober Pedy at about 12 .30 which is good as we need all the extra rest as another big day with 155 Kms required tomorrow.

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  1. Enjoying your blog-dont know if I could have handled it? -Sundays ride to Twin Bridges trying to keep up with Ulie stuffed me-best wished for the rest for the trip Roger

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