Cadney to Marla 80 Kms

Windguru had promised that today would be the first day with almost Zero wind – and so it was. The Kms flew by under spinning wheels and a clear sunny day. very unlike NZ – the last 2 days we have not seen a single cloud in the sky – sunrise till dusk.

Saw a couple of dingo warming themselves on the road ahead – they ran off as I got a little closer. Otherwise a gift of a day on the bike – arrived at Marla at midday to the news that all the units were booked out – so we have to camp. No major as this place is the first we have seen with grass and the camp site looks very comfortable

I have declared a rest day for tomorrow- wind guru gives us a day with strong northerlies followed by 3 days with good southerlies that will drive us towards the destination.
We have covered over 1080 Kms so far and have been riding everyday for the last 6 days.
Charles is feeling frisky and may chance his arm and head off tomorrow – into headwinds- he likes it tough. The next destination is 180 Kms – so no thanks Charles. – u go for it if you want.
The day after is also long at 182 Kms – so however we do it we have some huge days ahead to make it to Alice in time to make our flights back home.
Final day will only be about 80 Kms – something to really look forward to.

One comment

  1. Nice work lads. Looks like you are getting the pick of the winter weather, even if you dont like the wind, its better than rain AND wind! Good luck with the rest of the trip. Whats the traffic like? How many cars per hour do you think come past in each direction…
    Really enjoyed reading your blog

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