My Forest Gump Moment

left Cowra on Sunday morning bound for another old historic town , Canowindra, and booked. A place in an old Inn – built 1911. Nice place – the main street has so many old shops and a couple of old pubs too. The Aussies are never satisfied with just one pub – each town seems to need a few to satisfy the thirst of the Aussy male in heat – summer that is.


Stayed here last night
Really it was a mistake staying as the stretch ahead on up to Orange would have been a lot easier if I had cycled thru Conowindra. Was dry and not too windy on Sunday.
Heard the wind building overnight and it dawned a threatening day. The wind was strong and on the nose as I headed off. It was difficult roller coaster type ride that needed to go up from 300 meters to over 900 meters before finally easing into Orange.The rain settled in and the temperature started to plummet – down to 14 c . With a load there is nothing fun about climbing 10% grades – against wind and getting soaked. Soon enough water was squelching in my cycle shoes.

think my Forest Gump moment happened on the last big climb as I started to weave back and fourth across the road to ease the grade and keep momentum.
Like Gump I have decided to Just STOP and pack up the toys and head home for another adventure with the 5 th wheel and Barb of course.

Australia can wait for another time – when and if ever i feel the urge again.

been a great trip and thanks to all who took time to follow my progress.

Over and out.

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