Beer is so much more than just a breakfast drink

been relaxing in Ha’apai as we wait out the week and head on back to Nuku’alofa to see if our Kayak has arrived. Hopefully it will be available to clear with customs and we can head back to the Ha’apai group to begin our adventure proper.

This photo is from the cafe in Pangai. I cycled back into town this morning to see the weekly ferry from Nuku’alofa come thru and as it is never on time it always involves some waiting. Spent some time at the popular with expats ” mariner cafe” Had a leisurely couple of beers with the Polish girl , Magda who runs this joint. The fact that she was keen for a 10 am beer probably explains the details on her front counter.

So it has been all about chilling out and doing not a lot. Barb has been snorkeling and swimming most of the day.Tomorrow we have a cultural tour planned to visit the next big island in this chain – Haano island. Only for Barb and I – will get picked up by the locals and given a grand tour including a feast. Island boasts only 2 vehicles , a tractor and one truck and we think maybe about 300 people. this will give us some idea of what it will be like as we begin our island hoping kayak trip.


Some pics from Matafonua


Our Fale was rebuilt after being completely destroyed following the last big tropical cyclone a few years


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