On the water at last

Pangai to Uoleva Island

the first loading of Her Ladyship was always going to be a challenge as some stuff would have to stay behind -a matter of prioritization – but in the end we managed to fit in the extra luxuries including a collapsible bucket , a tomahawk , a small bottle is whiskey , solar panels for charging the ipad, shovel,and glass beads for trading with the natives. Water is in general short supply so our final purchase before casting off was a case of 12 x 1.5 Litre bottles of water. Do not know what she weighs but we can not lift her and have to load and unload very close to the water and slide her in.
( kidding about the glass beads)
conditions were pleasantly warm with a tail breeze to drive us away from the civilization of Pangai. A wonderful feeling to be finally living the dream and fulfilling an ambition that started when I was only 20 ish. There are species of flying fish that are peculiar to these tropical climes – they look a little like long piper and when they break the surface they skim along for 5 – 10 – 15 meters before disappearing into the crystal clear water.

Uoleva has no Tongan villages but has couple of cheap backpacker camps close to the beach. The weather forecast was for bad weather – high wind and rain – so we elected to take a room on the beach until the weather settles- a little tin shed but onto an amazing beach. Very quiet here , one young French backpacker and us and a very large Tongan lady who is the cook.

forecast proved accurate and today the rains set in – a great day for a book. We sat outside under our little veranda having our breakfast and had the incredible view of a young humpback whale frolicking on the edge of the reef where the deeper water begins . Seemed to be practicing getting air and we know we have closer encounters to come yet – how close we ? – we have an understandable fear of too close. A full day of Australian type rain – steady light and unrelenting but an otherwise uneventful day – happy to in proper cover as opposed to in our little unchristened tent.





  1. Hi Bruce.

    Thanks for your update. Managed to loose your email but found your site on google.
    So glad to see “Her Ladyship” getting the use she deserves! Nice photos. Looks like a great adventure.

    Our adventures mostly confined to our home, been busy planting natives, flaxes, manuka stolen from a nearby empty section, fruit trees, protea and grevillea type plants to get the birds and the bees in. We just installed a glasshouse and shade house. I’m trying to grow hot chilllis, and Dawns growning a bunch of kowhai for round the section.

    Managed a nice tramp over the Tararua peaks and main range, somewhere that I have wanted to get to for a while.

    We had a few days in Kerikeri. Took in the big Kauri and the local area, but the weather was gale force everywhere.

    Nice to here all well with you.
    Call in if you passing, plenty of room if you need a place to stay in Welly anytime.

    Sean and Dawn

    • Ah – Nice to hear from you two- and a happy new year too. Will look you up if we are coming thru – maybe doing the Tora coastal walk on the Wairarapa Coast this summer so could be in your region. Your gardening sounds interesting – would love to see them. Must let us know if you are back in the Kerikeri area. Love to host you here too ( 23 kingfisher drive – keri)
      bruce and barb

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