Barb’s reflections on village life … Montecorto


Our little house sits at the end of a street at the top of the town. There is a spring nearby which serves the town water and which rushes past our place as an open drain sounding like a small waterfall. The town has narrow paved streets and quaint whitewashed buildings with some fascinating iron grilles on the windows and pretty flower pots and boxes for decoration. Lots of homes also seem to have cats or dogs sitting on the window ledges watching the world go by. Apparently there are 750 people living in town but much of the time it feels deserted….occasionally the sounds of voices or vehicles penetrate the silence. The birds make the most noise it seems. The locals congregate around the village square during the day and most people come out in the evenings to enjoy the post siesta and catch up with each other. There are about 6 tapas bars/ cafes in town which are all quite dark inside and sport a big tv which is part of the decor. An enthusiastic bunch of blokes were gathered the other night to watch the bull fighting on Telly while they drank beer and dined on tapas. I watched the first bull die ok but found the whole thing too inhumane to enjoy any of the 4 fights on.

Being in the mountains the air is very crisp in the morning and everything is blanketed in a dense mist that takes most of the morning to burn off revealing nice afternoons and nights. The full moon was stunningly huge and bright last night as we drove home from Zahara where we went for dinner.

While our village is younger than most of the surrounding white Analucian villages it is not at all touristy so it feels as authentic as it really is. People are friendly though and greet us with “hola” or “buenos dios” as we pass by. Not much English understood here so we have to make do with sign language and hoping for the best when we order food….lucky so far! The little house has a patio on top which has a shelter for shade and a lovely view of green rolling hills. It is a perfect place to read a book or partake in a drop of Spanish red wine.




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  1. Great work Barb! Have enjoyed a good catch up on your travels today….looks like you’re having a wonderful time 🙂 It’s rainy and cold here – you’re not missing much!

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