Whatisbarbupto.dom – from “she who must be obeyed”

This is from Barbara , my wife , who is having fun in Ireland.
On the road to Killarney

Picked up my trusty little steed and headed south. The weather has turned quite iffy and mostly damp but I decided to drive round the Dingle Peninsula anyway along the Slea Head Drive. It was a great decision as the sun came out on the way round and it is some of the most stunning scenery I have seen so far
All number plates in Ireland are like this: this car was registered in 2012 (12) in the county of Dublin (D) and it was the 21433 rd car registered that year. Now 2013 has been a problem for those superstitious folk so this year those cars registered in the first half of the year will start with 131 and those in the last six months with 132! The Irish have an answer for everything


20130616-212415.jpgSome of the locals own land with historic monuments so for a few Euro I stopped to check out some restored famine houses. I had seen plenty of abandon ruins from this terrible event in the mid 1800s.
A beehive hut that was a dwelling also



20130616-212734.jpgA memorial to the Spanish armada wrecked off the Dingle Peninsula

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