Platform 9 3/4 – way to see London


Barb and I met in London – she flying from Turin, me from John O’Groats – she told me to be at platform 9 3/4 at Kingscross station – once we made it to the other side we went to a place called Tewin in Welwyn Garden city where we met an old friend of mine from a past cycling trip in Italy – Andrew Bywater – and his wife Judy.

Andrew , Judy and of course Barb

Today Andrew and Judy took us into London for a sightseeing tour – we trained it into the city , had a great scenic boat trip on the Thames – down to the Tower bridge. A great day that finished off at a top Italian restaurant near Regent street .


BIG BEN. now renamed Elizabeth Tower




A truly wonderful day about town – London that is.

Andrew is a guy after my own heart – he has a similarly well equipped bike area at his place with lots of stuff. He very kindly kitted me fully with clothes , bib shorts , shoes, the bike and I had my last great ride in the narrow county lanes of outer London with Andrew and a couple of his mates. A wonderful 80 Kms. My bike and kit is still in transit from LeJog.


    • Hi Gareth, Yes Indeed – any chance of catching you for an early lunch on Wednesday ??? Will be in the city prior to catching eurostar to Paris that leaves about. 2 ish …….. Or if July 21 st is better we could meet for dinner in London centre as we have our final night in a hotel before flying home on 22 nd July Would be great to catch up Gareth if you can spare the time. Bruce

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