Sea kayak Croatia – day 1

he had bought a large map , representing the sea,
Without the least vestige of land,
And the crew was much pleased to see it to be a map they could all understand,
“What’s the good of mercators , tropics zones and meridian lines” so the Bellman cried and the crew replied , ” they are merely conventional signs”

from the hunting of the snark – by Lewis Carol – well as best I can recall that is

Barb and Drazen – our guide and map provider for our little adventure – pic from start point Prinosten – a beautiful little coastal town nth of Split

She was off like a rocket


it was a lovely hot day – we sweated it out and water consumption rose , muscles unaccustomed to recent kayaking started to register complaint. the coast offers surprisingly little opportunity to beach the kayaks as it is a rugged Stoney shoreline with very few beaches. By days end we found a camp of sorts on a little rocky beach at St Trogir. We sought permission from the owner nearby to camp – freely given after a translation by phone to his son.

camp 1 clothes line out – tent up on Stoney ground – lovely little piece of paradise

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