“Her Ladyship Two”


This is our precious double sea kayak – her Ladyship

Today we collected our new ( second hand) sea kayak – another model of the same kayak – but with a not so subtle difference


If you look closely you will pick up the point of difference. This is the so called “divorce double ” – suitable for couples who have a prenuptial agreement that sees the toys divided equally.
Actually it is a special boat that is suitable for air freight for OE sea kayaking sometime in our future plans. Watch this space reader.
I was looking at trade me — as you do , as you do — and by chance I spotted this unique kayak and immediately knew that she was worth picking up for some future adventures still in planning stage. The owner very graciously looked after her until we came all the way down to Nelson to pick her up.

So Her Ladyship Two what do you think ??

Barb posing again at Pelorous Bridge near Nelson.

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