Up the Copland valley – 2 nights away in Welcome Flat hut

With weather promising sunny times we headed into the hills for a 2 night adventure. An 18 km track up the Copland river – it continues on much further than we walked – actually an old route over the main divide that drops down to Mt Cook.
The track heads up this narrow valley and is often in deep dark bush – it crosses all the minor streams that feed into the river and often these are bridged with classic wire rope structures that are just a tad scary.

Barb crossing one of these bridges

Kea – very curious birds that came and checked us out looking for some amusement it seemed


We took a full 6 hours to make the 18 km route – the attraction at the end was a hot spring at welcome flat – not deep pools but nevertheless lovely 40 degrees c mud spas. Lots of German kids present – doing an adventurous OE.

A great natural rock bivouac that is an alternative for budget conscious younger backpackers

Rock Bivvy – used by the budget conscious who don’t want to day the $15 for the hut.

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