Homer Tunnel – ” Houston ….. We have a problem “


Headed away from Te Anau destination Milford sound where we planned to kayak the sound all the way out and back – lunch stop at Anita bay – at the entrance . Best laid plans of mice and men took a reality check at the famous Homer tunnel entrance .We stood outside and tried to work out if we might just squeeze through. It is a very interesting tunnel – started in the depression years after 1935 and not finally finished till after WW2 – has a steep 10% gradient as it drops down to emerge through the cliff face on the other side – only finished in 1953.




Baby seal rockery


20140407-122058.jpgThe next morning we were able to travel back – this time with just the kayak – and we had a great paddle – 15 Kms out 15 km back. Paddled with dolphins shortly into the paddle – and saw plenty of NZ fur seal – a nice little nursery . Stunning scenery .

Lunch stop was at Anita bay that has an old stone hut . Never ever have we seen so many sandflies – the old roofless stone walled hut that is in a shaded corner offered limited respite from the attack . Barb risked everything in an altogether swim – brave girl – but she assured me that it was not cooler than matauri bay this summer. As we paddled away after lunch Barb was covered in a veritable blanket of sandflies all over here top and life jacket. She had avoided using repellents so seemed a sandfly magnet. I had to use my paddle to swipe them off here back!

Some of the locals pulling in 2 nice big groper

Amazing river vista off the Milford road

This is the Gunn Camp in the Hollyford valley – the overhead wire you can see in this picture caused some drama- I ripped it off the building together with a big lump of wood and a large insulator – again the big kayak on top just a bit too high. All was forgiven and repaired in time for the big generator to kick in for the evening.

In this remote corner gas can be purchased from this old hand cranked pump – all for $3.40 a Litre

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