Penong to bush camp west of Yalata

150 Kms a big day fully loaded

A very early start as I departed just after 6 am and still dark – good lights on the bike so no issues. It was a long day over some rolling country and make all the more difficult by the wind which was often on the nose as the day wore on. Had a late breakfast at Nundroo after 79 Kms then on to the abandoned aboriginal roadhouse at Yalata. Stopped there and managed to nick a little water from a roof fed tank – thanks to a tool from the bike kit to open the tap. Started looking for a suitable camp after the 150 km mark – found one well back from the road.


Sharlene thinks that the only reason they don’t have emu pics is that they are far too smart to get hit crossing the highway



IMG_0240.JPGSet up camp and made an effort to get in enough firewood for the evening – always enjoy a good fire ! Had a Banjo Patterson evening with Sharlene before putting her to bed with a ” Melinda and Mary story ” something about an Emu called Mary who fell off this blokes bike — another of the “cautionary tale stories “that Sammi and Chris remember well.

IMG_0238.JPGI always apply a critical eye to the cycle tourists that I see coming through Kerikeri and tut tut about how grossly overloaded they often are – making a rod for their own backs as they struggle over every incline. It is an important skill to ensure that one does not carry lots of unnecessary stuff as it impacts on the workload and enjoyment of the trip. One needs to carry only the ESSENTIALS. With that said I have had to smile at the late addition made to my load – the “ONE CHAIR” -found it in Adelaide in the scout shop and it is simply the best very compact lightweight camping chair I have ever come across.
The reason a chair has somehow made it on to my ” essentials ” list is that camping at this age requires a great air mattress and a chair that gives some back support for a spot of relaxation at the end if a big day. It gets a big tick. The other option of sitting on the ground just doesn’t cut it any more. Be great for our sea kayak forays too.

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