Indian pacific Train – perth to Adelaide

The Indian Pacific train has a twice weekly service between Sydney and Perth – runs like the slow boat to china as the Australian rail network and rolling stock is still decades behind the fast rail services common in Europe and parts of Asia. Nearly as bad as NZ.
The train has over 30 carriages which includes a couple of vans for taking cars across . It slowly snakes it way over the desert like Nullarbor at a steady but unimpressive pace.
The age old romance of rail travel is enjoyed by those with memories of the glory days of the 40’s and 50’s . No young ones in the more expensive ” sleepers” but a crusty old collection of frail ancient Australians revisiting fond memories of yesteryear.

We stopped for refueling and more water at a remote settlement called Cook – in the middle of nowhere and I managed to get a couple of pics which show just how long this train is – something over 750 metres long.





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