Saturday in Melbourne

Ominous rumblings as a big thunder storm moved over the city woke me at about 5 am so I realized the scheduled club ride was probably unlikely . Slept in – the big road trip is more tiring than I had thought. Have been having a relaxed day at Ken and Ali’s place.

Samantha is grasping the opportunity to explore Melbourne and armed with Kens tram card see has been set free to explore. Ken dropped her off at the train station and have not seen her since!




IMG_0596.JPGSome interesting wood sculptures we saw yesterday ( Apollo Bay ) and some wildlife that eagle eyed Sammi spotted on the coast road

IMG_0597.JPGHad a brilliant afternoon ride out along Beach road . The wind was a brisk headwind on the way out but when we turned we flew back enjoying the magnificent views out over Port Philips bay. Ken’s a friend that I met online in the VR world of cycle racing using the TACX trainers – this was in the about 2001 – 2001. We connected in the real world and have been friends ever since.


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