Clutha Gold Cycle ride

IMG_1001.JPGHad a cool southerly change sweep north yesterday but a perfectly fine day forecast for our completion of the Clutha Gold Trail. We arranged transport back for ourselves and bikes to Millars crossing. A cracking frost and a mere 3 degrees c outside when we left so we were well kitted up on our start.

The ride to Beaumont closely follows the Clutha River – very picturesque scenes. We soon warmed up under the perfect sunny day that was almost perfectly still.



IMG_1002.JPGDid a short walk to have a look at an historic swing bridge that served the farmers here back in the very early 1900’s . called the Horseshoe Bend Bridge.



IMG_0999.JPGHad a lunch break at Beaumont – only has a pub – but for the record they make the best hot chips we have had in ages. So good they are dangerous – could be addictive.

IMG_1005.JPGThe last 19 Kms from Beaumont moves inland following the old rail tracks from the service from Milton to Roxburgh that survived up until the mid 1960’s. One climb up to an interesting old tunnel before it moves through mixed farmland till finally arriving at Lawrence.


IMG_1006.JPGStats – about 45 Kms
Moving time 2.52 hours / mins
Time on the trail 4 3/4 hours

Suggest that you should really do the Roxburgh Gorge and the Clutha Gold as one ride over 2 to 3 days . ( we took 2 ) you could of course start at Middlemarch and do the Otago Rail trail to Alexandra then straight on to do the Rox Gorge and the Clutha Gold make a good week or so


  1. Beautiful pictures, I feel like I’m there. I always wanted to cycle.. It’s seem so peaceful.

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