Finding our Cuzzy Bros

When I was adolescent I used to look up to my older cousin Graham Ferguson as he was the real deal adventurer , an accomplished alpine climber and tramper extraordinaire. He has maintained his love of the outdoors and together with his wife Catherine they have explored many of the least travelled trails that NZ offers.
Have not seen Graham virtually for the last few decades – a working lifetime – but now that I have changed my occupation from ” beekeeper ” to “full time adventurer ” we are again becoming reacquainted.
They are traveling with a caravan too and we first made a rendezvous in a small town of Athol and had a night there. We spent time together exploring the Nevis road with its amazing views . We then headed to Lake Mavora while Graham and Catherine went up towards the Dart River .



IMG_1026.JPGxexcursion up the Nevis 4×4 high alpine roadWe headed back up to Lake Sylvan DOC campsite after hearing that Graham and Catherine had stopped there and were filling a caretaker volunteer role at that campsite .It is on the way up to the Routeburn track

IMG_1085.JPGFerguson the stevenson vans – Camp SylvanThey took a little finding and we drove the 5th all the way up this increasingly narrow dense Beech forest all the way up to the start of the Routeburn before retracing and finding them down another secluded spot on the Routeburn flats close to Lake Sylvan.

IMG_1084.JPGHad some heavy rain overnight but was clearing by mid day and we joined Graham and Catherine on a drive up towards the entry to the Dart River track. Passes Diamond lake

Some impressive views of the Dart and the towering west side of mount Earnslaw.




IMG_1077.JPGHave spent some interesting and useful time with our cuzzy bros – they are both a fount of knowledge on what to do and where to go next and what gear to take. A very enjoyable time together.




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