Returning – unfinished business in Nelson Lakes — Angelus lake 

Samantha only had one week off work so we did not get to see the jewel in the crown of this special place, namely Angelus Lake and surrounds. It is nestled in a high alpine basin at 1650 metres and there is no truly easy way to get there. Several options but the all involve some serious uphill work.  

 After a little sea kayaking which gave our ” Travers saddle sore muscles ” a chance to settle down we headed back into the hills , up Pinchgut track , a nice night in the Bushline hut with an interesting group of other trampers , then on to Angelus. Our route was the stunning Roberts ridge and we had great weather , clear on the tops with low cloud in the valleys. We decided to take the tent ( the inner part to save on a kg ) and also took my phantom 3 drone. The forecast promised light winds and fine weather , and dawn on day 2 was perfect.  

 Day two 

The top remained clear but the valleys were obscured by lots of low cloud which often swept up over the Roberts Ridge line . Spectacular 5 hour tramp — great weather but challenging terrain with tricky Boulder fields to negotiate  


 Angelus Hut – popular destination with the large number of trampers who visit . So popular the hut has a booking system and is normally full – 30  odd bods sleeping in close proximity. We took the tent to ensure we got a nice sleep with no snorers. 

Above is a link to my vid of these two adventures. Try clicking on it .


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