Crossing to Honshu and on to the historical city of Hagi 

An interesting day with a better last half — stress wise — heavy traffic with trucks galore , narrow multi lane freeways and a particularly nasty tunnel made the first half a bit testy , after about 50 kms I started to enjoy more rural country with less tight squeeze points . The mirror has been useful. 

Kyushu and Honshu are separated by a narrow strait  that has a constant stream of shipping moving thru , not unlike the Dardanelles in Turkey. Japanese engineers must just love tunnels , there is a vehicle tunnel a bridge and a pedestrian tunnel . Took me a wee while to actually find the later. Had to enter a building and use a lift to drop down to the tunnel entrance . 700 metres , had to walk it and a surprising number of older Japanese folk seemed to be power walking it. 

   Was a long day in the saddle , getting lost a little at times in the laberinyth of highways heading north . Started to eventually get on some more quiet rural roads ( a relative term)  interested scenery with beautiful houses and gardens in some places. Vegetative  growth is rampant and uncontrolled often , but the gardens attached to these homes are testament to careful training and control . A sample pic  


 Nearly 10 hours on the road — only 119 kms but hard fought , a decent climb a gentle reminder of what will come 😉 

 Have another hostel tonight very close to these pics. Was the historic site of the first large scale steel iron works for the creation of heavy naval ships that were built here. A fishing centre now.


    • Actually the drivers seem really reasonable – no hint of impatience or road rage . Some of the tunnels are a bit naff – particularly where there is high traffic density. In the countryside now and feeling pretty relaxed – raining as we speak but have been given a large toilet block at a golf course to stay overnight on proviso that I leave early. Japanese folk go out of there way to help. Have not spotted a non Asian face since I started in Kyushu. Having a ball 😊

      • It does strike me as odd that there is so much road rage in the UK and then as soon as I go away there is none, especially in Asia. How come your living in a toilet block? Does it have a bed? How’s the lingo going?

      • Better than erected the tent in the rain — and Andy this is no ordinary shithouse – you might eat off the floor safely.
        Actually rather spacious

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