Final 2 days .

Looked up at the signage early today and noted that I am entering the last stage of my journey — less than 177 kms to ride. Already the odometer is about 3200kms for this ride.

Strong tail winds helped push Me +Bob &Din along a a fast clip. Settled onto the high bars I was able to throw it up on the big chainring and find that perfect gear to sit at about 32- 38 kms per hour. Wild country and sea spray made for an interesting ride

Found an official campsite at the small town of Teshio , so only have about 74 kms to ride tomorrow . I hope to spend a couple of nights camping on the volcanic island of Rishiri . A ferry trip .

Mount Rishiri island , an old volcano off the top of Hokkaido – worth a look I hope 

Of course no campsite is worth stopping at if an Onsen is not close. 2 pics both from the Onsen – it looks down on the campsite – spot my little green tent ?? It’s freezing outside and a strong wind is blowing , but up here inside the Onsen on can be totally naked and relaxed, but not busy yet 

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