Lake Hill Chateau Hotel 

Was a big day , specially for Barb the driver, as we skirted Tokyo on an outer ring road 16 , destination unknown but bound for Mt Fuiji . Slow traffic with so many controlled intersections that progress was not great.We ran out of steam after about 100 kms and decided we needed to stop for the night. Tried hard to find spots in a couple of parks but to no avail and eventually had to look for more conventional options like Hotels. Pulled into a car park and went to check out the possibility of a bed. An unusual building overlooking a lake , parking underneath the rooms. 

That’s odd — no reception I thought as I as looking round for someone to ask the question. Eventually a guy emerged from the shadows and we had an interesting dialogue.

After establishing that we wanted a room , and yes , he had one , and Yes we wanted it for the whole night , he gave me the basic instructions. Normal Japanese visitors come here without the need for any interaction with any staff. 

The nice rooms are unlocked , you park your car , enter after removing shoes which is usual custom in Japan, and make yourself at home. After you shut and lock the door you are unable to leave ( you are locked in !) until you square up the bill by feeding the appropriate money into a machine at the entrance area.

Yes — another Love Hotel ! 

If we fail to post  for 48 hours — please ring Interpol– we may be stuck inside the room ! 

Next morning 

Reconciled to the uncomfortable reality that the locked door was not able to open till we had paid money to the machine , we settled into a relaxing evening , a nice bottle of aussy Shiraz and a pleasant sleep in our king sized bed. Barb was keen to try the in room Karaoke mics. The room was certainly fully equipped. 
Next morning we finally got to see the lovely view , was dark when we arrived, not that you can enjoy the view from the rooms as they do not have big windows — discretion and small windows a feature of these love hotels. We also got the figure out the way to check in. You look at the board which has the status of the rooms indicated by lights. Green for ” help yourself ” orange ” needs cleaning ” Red for presently occupied.

Just like our ” wicked ” camper , transaction did not require any face to face interaction — special place Japan.  

Mt Fuji is somewhere behind us — we think — hope the weather improves for tomorrow 


  1. I guess it’s more efficient and economical to have most things automated but it makes me wonder what work is going to be left for every day Japanese needing employment? Have you found any unexpected treats at the supermarket?

    • The supermarkets are full of treats all beautifully packaged. Not sure what they are often but the pictures and samples often look fake and plastic but the food is not! We are at a lake resort area near Mt Fuji and the souvenir confectionary treats are all biscuits, chocolates etc with mt Fuji featured. Great fun!

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