Checking in with Chris 


After days of fine clear outback weather we finally rolled into Sydney in wet conditions. An adventure that has racked up 4500 Kms of all sorts of travel .I dropped Paul off at Sydney airport , he flies home tomorrow. Paul managed to keep Henrietta and myself in good order – very knowledgable resource. 

Caught up with Chris and spent a great evening out with him . We went out to dinner at a Bavarian place in an old church. How those old pioneering god fearing forefathers must be rolling their eyes at the great unwashed , buxom barwenches and bar beer swilling crowd that  worship there nowadays .

Crispy pork belly – lovely . He has adapted to ” city life ” in a way that I was never able too and seems happy with his spot in the galaxy. Less of a dreamer than his old man – I can’t detect any passion for kicking loose and finding an adventure . He’s ” well settled”  I guess a fair comment .

I remember when Chris was about 13 – I took him out beekeeping with me and said ,

” Chris – this could all be yours one day ” — the business that is . Ever the diplomat he replied.

” I’m thinking about it Dad ” 

Yeah right ! 

Checked out his fancy unit , nice spot but have to say some parts reminded me of an archeological midden. He is enjoying his new life and the varied challenges of his position. He’s looking well.

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