Back in Adelaide after 5600km round trip , some rambling thoughts on fuel economy , TLC and “fourplay”


Let’s start with TLC – finished the trip today and have given Henrietta a great wash down and general tidy thruout .

She has performed well , no problems except the leak with the fresh water tank , repaired in Sydney . 

Fuel economy was a bit of a head scratch . As Paul and I drove north towards Alice it became apparent that fuel economy was very average — as bad as 18.1 L to 100 Kms. In the Simpson itself we got 19.3 L per 100. Improved with less pace between Birdsville and Sydney by easing up on speed a little — achieved 15.5 L to 100 Kms. I decided to do better on the way back to Adelaide . Set the cruise to 90 Kms per hour true and achieved 12.47 L per 100 km over 1500 Kms including about 250 Kms of dirt roads in Mungo National Park. 

Now to put this in perspective it means if you elect to travel at 90 Kms rather than 105-110 Kms per hour you can afford to buy a large box of beer every 600 Kms with money saved , or all your food for that day . An interesting fact is that vehicles achieve that sweet spot of economy at about 55 mph ( about 85 Kms)  A fully loaded 4×4 with luggage on top has a lot of additional windage that sucks fuel at the top end. After my recent cycling experience in Japan where 80 Kms is the max speeded allowed I think they have it spot on. Probably saves the economy billions in saved foreign exchange ! Saving fuel otherwise wasted. Why have our countries not taken this approach ? The economic case would be strong , and less people would die on the roads in high speed crash incidences. 


Does Henrietta need fourplay ? 

To be honest I hadn’t given much thought to Henrietta’s needs as they relate to her rear end and undercarriage , but Paul Sutton gave me the verdict and recommendation when he gave her a complete mech survey prior to committing to the Simpson desert

” she’s down on the arse Son , rear springs flat as a pancake ,practically inverted ” said Paul .

The reality is that the regular factory Toyota suspension is not up to the job of off-roading in the great Aussy outback particularly after she is fully loaded with all the xtra that Barb enjoys 😉

” one day the rear springs will fail – NOT – If — but when ” Paul’s dire prognosis .

She’s in need of an upgrade and in Australia the market place is full of all sorts of fruit to achieve the objective of the ultimate off road ride. 

Have put her in the hands of Adelaide suspension specialists ” Foreplay ” for some TLC and makeover.  
Fourplay did the work today – all looks great – ready for another adventure with Barb . Will park her up again until next we meet – probably December 


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