Jozankei Onsen — in the hills above Sapporo

Our South Korean adventure was compromised by the start of a major 10 day holiday period in Sth Korea , a period so busy that staying on would have been difficult as accomodation everywhere is at a premium and possibly impossible . We elected to escape to Japan for a week or so. On Saturday we flew to Sapporo , capital of Hokkaido.

With autumn well under way this far north we took care to ensure we had some warm clothes. Carl and i picked up these very cosy hats in Busan. Here we are enjoying Sapporo beer in Sapporo .

Had a great night out enjoying the spectacular lights of Sapporo last night and today we took a bus ride out to an onsen up in the hills called Jozankei. The autumn colours are becoming evident and make me wish we were here in about 2 weeks time. still pretty amazing 

Had a great onsen experience here in Jozankei – if you make it all the way to Japan and do not actually experience this aspect of the culture ( being comfortable being naked in the company of other folk ) you have missed something very special . We all enjoyed the time there. 

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