Orroroo to Clare 135 kms

Stayed at one of the local old hotels in Orroroo, was up before dawn getting packed up and cooking a can of stew for brekky. My food bag is nearly exhausted , the can of stew would just have to do.

Started at 7 am just on first light. Stopped on the outskirts of town as the rising sun was so spectacular . A stormy night , with some rain , resulted in lots of clouds and the light danced with beams spreading. Enjoyed the scene , and needed the sun to warm up

My weather planning all came together so well , the trip into the Parachilna Gorge a few days back was all in aid of waiting for these fantastic strong northerlies that would provide ideal conditions for fast progress south.

After 57 kms I arrived at Jamestown and had a second breakfast . Next stop was Spaulding for coffee. The wind just kept getting stronger as the morning progressed.

Even the hilly country from Spaulding to Clare was rendered much easier.

Rolled into Clare at 1:45 pm which made for great day on the bike


  1. Glad you has a good ride to Clare Bruce and your weather predictions paid off!
    We have been back in Adelaide since Saturday.
    Our NZ friends now back in Auckland.
    All the best for ride into Birdwood
    Ps great photos too!

    • Thanks Lyn. Great to hear from you , I’ve had a lazy day resting in Clare as the weather is a bit stormy . Tomorrow should be much nicer and will enjoy the rail / wine trails at the start. My wife flys in on Sunday so lots to look forward to too 😊
      All best , bruce

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