The tale of the Hut Slippers

Boots for walking , slippers for huts or tent sites

I was sitting in front of the crackling open fire in the hut contemplating the lamentable loss of one of my precious hut slippers , thoroughly useful items on the long walk where staying in huts is the norm .I thought it was lost at last nights tent site , lost in the misty pack up in the early light of dawn. I had the remaining slipper in my hand and was at the point of throwing in on top the blazing inferno .. golden TA rule , nothing is carried that can’t be used . The lone slipper was now about as much use as a condom at the Hens party.

At this point of no return my TA hut companions , Shane & Sharlene extolled me to search once more and unbelievably it was hiding in the depths of my pack .

My sacrificial slipper was saved , back from the brink of destruction . Imagine how I would have felt if I had burnt it only to later rediscover the remains slipper still alive !

Reminded me of the old biblical story of Abraham and Isaac , instructed by God to take his son ( slipper ) to some spot to kill him but some reprieve saved the day . Probably a lot more to this story than I can comprehend however if God pulled that stunt these days I think he would get a sound telling off

“ hey God , this is 2022 , infanticide is now a real no no “ If there is any moral to the story it’s probably be careful of burning your bridges too soon AND never underestimate the capacity of man to reinvent God in his own image .

The slippers still live on to tell more tales

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