arrival in Fukuoka 12th April

Arrived early morning of 12th after 22 hours – 16 flying. was met at the airport by Shigeru my Japanese host – a friend of Fujii’s from Nelson. Spent the day checking out the cherry blossoms and my visit to ” Kaimen House” the base for a business run by Ogata San who will be renting me an arctic raider Sisson sea kayak.
From the photo you will see it is a bit of a rustic place – but the old shipping containers are filled with some nice kayaks. Japanese live in smaller houses with minimal storage and if they are into kayaking they will need to find someone like Ogata San who will store their kayak for a rental fee.

Shigeru and his wife have been a most generous hosts – the traditional Japanese cuisine has been amazing .
Weather is cool but fine and I am preparing myself for the big launch for tomorrow – Thursday – if I get everything sorted.

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