Eating Japanese

My friend Sukamoto gave me an invitation to her place to meet her mother and sisters and aunts and stay for dinner. Was a big afternoon with Junpei picking me up in his car then getting Sukamoto to come as translator. they drove me some distance to a huge shopping complex where I was able to get a new sleeping bag.Nighttime temps here have dropped to freezing and I was simply too cold with the sleeping bag I had. we got back to her place eventually and then began this lavish meal. Sitting on the floor for over 5 hours while this group of ladies questioned me at some length about all sorts of topics.

A lovely group of people and a very enjoyable time.

The new sleeping bag has been fantastic – and it was again very cold last night.


  1. Hi,Bruce.

    I’m a nurse met in nogita today.
    I was able to speak only a little because I was not able to speak English though I wanted to talk more in reality.
    These sentences use the translation software.

    How about tomorrow’s weather?
    It wishes that you be able to make wonderful memories in Japan.

    See you again,someday

  2. Hi Bruce
    Glad to hear you are being looked after so well . Margaret and I both like japanese food and it looks like you had a great feast . You speak of using your sleeping bag .Does this mean you are camping out and if so are there campsites or do you just find somewhere that looks good , We have had a lot of rain , over 3 inches in the last 2 days so it is nice to see some sun today .We are getting ready for our 5 day train trip over Easter and like you will need some warm clothes as it is getting quite cool in the inland areas .

    We will keep following you exploits .



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