Making a dawn break to get into sheltered harbor to wait out blow

Had an interesting sendoff from the beach at Nogita. Junpei and his wife and daughter and the postmaster all helped out getting the boat down to the water. Conditions seemed Ok and I headed off.
Had not got so far before I was back into some steep waves – just beginning to white cap-!and a building sea breeze. briefly entertained the notion of returning to Nogita but remembered what happened to captain cook when he retuned to his last pacific Island!! My only other option was to make a landing thru surf onto this exposed beach. I could see a bunch of surfies enjoying the weekend conditions. Came in thru some good surf – the high braces would have made a good photo. I was happy to be back on terra firma. – the water is very cold- temp last night came down to 5 degrees

Have set up a camp for the night and hope for better conditions tomorrow.

Check out the sign here for the surfies- sounds radioactive?


  1. Hey Bruce, the beach shots look pretty much like NZ. High braces … seem to remember doing plenty of those in the past. Hope you like Sushi and raw fish! A nice fried piece of Kahawi and dried mashed potato sound pretty appealing. Looks like you’re having fun. All the best. Rod

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