squid for lunch

Have always been interested to try squid from the places I have travelled. Stopped at a small inn and after having practiced my pronunciation from my speaking translator I asked for squid. I was taken to a tank and she pointed to – yes – some squid swimming. Agreed to have one and agreed the price and then sat down in the traditional restaurant To wait.
Absolutely stunned to see it arrive -the translucent head was pulsing with a array of little red lights moving up and down the tentacles. The eyes quivered and looked reproachingly at me.The mid body was sliced and diced and
Ready to eat. delicious – but was unsure about the head. Had no Idea that I had ordered a raw squid- but it was very nice true to say.
After finishing most of it a waitress came back and took the head and tail away for further cooking. Arrived back tempura fashion. By that stage the lights had gone out!

I have had good squid elsewhere but probably never better.

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