Making a dawn break to get into sheltered harbor to wait out blow

With 20 – 30 knot winds forecast and rain to decided for a dawn breakout from my surf beach camp to make a short hop Ito the sheltered harbour about 2 Kms up coast. Proved a wise move – the surf was more manageable as overnight we had little wind and normally we seem to get a small window of relative calm first thing.
Up at sparrows 5am and packing up again. Managed to get moving a 6am. I was not the first – already about 8 or 9 surfies playing in the waves.
Successful breakout – wet wet – even my hat – had to bail out kayak with sponge .

Was a wise move. Conditions have proved as per forecast and I would still be on the beach if I had not moved when I did. I have a traditional inn booked my the next 2 nights while these squally conditions abate.

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