Keya and squidly’s revenge

Booked for 2 nights at this traditional Ryokan – sort of an inn. It has a small restaurant on the ground floor and sleeping rooms upstairs. the ryokan is the place with the blue roof

Managed to have a nice night of sleep as I was dead beat from the preceding day and the camping etc but alas I woke to the feeling that something was terribly wrong. The next 8 hours was a memory I hope not to repeat on this trip – severe abdominal pain and the traditional squat was in frequent use. I was effectively bedridden and feeling miserable. The grape vine must be extensive here as about midday I had a visitor – Masaya the postmaster from Nogita arrived with traditional herbal medicine for treatment of this problem. Sakamoto San was called on cell and provided translation service yet again.
So I quess squidly got the last laugh on me!

Late arvo here – hope the conditions will calm down as it was too rough to be on the water today regardless

Inside Ryokan and concrete tsunami / typhoon protections

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