mamasan Toyota

mamasan Toyota was the very nice lady who had the Ryokan that I used for last night at Hime Shima. These traditional lodgings are very special – one needs to remember important things about shoes. She gave me a set for outside the front door ( orange) a set for inside ( pink) and they are not allowed on the Tatami mats in the bedroom anf last of all some special shoes just for inside the toilet.
funny thing – she took pride in feeding a man and we had a hilarious time trying to sort out the menu – particularly my breakfast. I desired to have a bowl of rice and a couple of eggs – but not raw. I lot of confusion ensued until finally I gave her my best rendition of the chicken dance. That sorted out the eggs but we still needed to get them cooked in a pan. we got there after much laughter.
Mamasan Toyota shed a few tears when I left at 7.30am after her breakfast – I suspect she was going to miss the entertainment factor

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