Kashiwa Shima

Had my longest day on the water today with the gps confirming 25 Kms. Was not a straight line course as I explored the coast . Later on in the day the wind picked up and I aborted on my next headland and retreated to an island called Kashiwa Shima. No luck in finding a ryokan and no camping allowed so things were looking a liitle grim until this guy Masayuki Takasaki took things in hand and offered me his ” spare house” for the night. Dinner too as he cooked a great meal for me – living by himself. Had a few English words and we got some things understood. He is 59 – has 4 boys – no more wife! Seems to have a title on the island as ” junior police” and uniform to suit. Tells me they never have foreign visitors to this island.
Yet again the good natured hospitality of the Japanese continues to be demonstrated.

Photo of Masayuki showing me the promise of dinner and see his spare house where i stayed.

Other noted problem of the day is the Kayak has a leak into the rear hatch -Where I store my precious iPad and Nikon camera. damn!! Not particularly fond of this boat.

One comment

  1. I just checked your blog:)
    I hope you have a safe trip!!!! and enjoy staying in Kashiwa Shima.

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