Karatsu town

Masayuki Tagasaki very kindly transported me from the island back to the mainland and onto the town of Karatsu where I am having a look around. I am leaving the kayak in his care till I get back.
Again I need to say the generosity of Japanese people seems to know no bounds. he paid for the ferry from the island – took me in his car for the 30 min journey- arranged a reservation at a hotel for me and that is more important away from the main cities where foreign tourists visit- and he found a place close to the hotel that rented me a bike for the 2 day stay to see the sights. he then paid the rental!!!

Highlights today
x. Visiting Karatsu castle and seeing this amazing 100 year old Visteria tree that blooms over about 100 square meters
X taking a bath at a Japanese Onsen – natural hot springs public bathing area
X checking out a big Pachinko hall – sort of vertical pinball machine made for ball bearings. The racket is truly indescribable – close your eyes for a second and you can picture yourself in this huge indoor aviary with an unbelievable amount of unbearable racket. how people can work there is a total mystery to me. 1 min was quite sufficient.
X sleeping in a euro style bed – first since 10th April. Had a wonderful sleep.

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