Bathing Japanese style

( from a letter to my family)
I have had a great day riding a bike round this small Japanese town called Karatsu. Seen some of the best sights and checked out some of the shops too. Finished the day by my first visit to an onsen – traditional hot spring baths. They say Japan has many of these public bathing facilities. thought about you as I remembered how much you enjoyed the prospect of bathing in a Turkish bath house. suspect the Japanese ones would suit you even less!
how it works
For about 10 bucks you get a towel and flannel and head to the change room – take care – no English signs and they are segregated – nearly went into the wrong section. bit dumb of me as the doorways had blue or pink screens!
After you have stripped off – starkers now – you go to the washing area where you have these little plastic stools that you can sit down on while you give yourself an all over soap down – body wash and shampoo is provided. Men also shave their too
no false modesty evident here – or modesty of any description come to think of it – everyone is at ease and not paranoid about someone else seeing them in the altogether.Healthy attitude really and I could not help contract that to the lamentable situation we have developed in NZ culture where it is now common for young guys – graham Wilson talks about the rugby set – feeling the necessity to wear boxers in the shower.
It is just not normal. I keep trying to tell you guys this!!!!!
after your wash you then take a soak in the large hot springs bath.

Very refreshing and civilized . do you think you would be up to taking one?
But pictures not allowed!!


  1. Some great commentary Bruce and yes….I have taken quite a few of those baths during visits to Japan. You get over the modesty thing pretty quickly and realize we’re pretty much the same after all! I did however get the signs mixed up one night but that another story. Take care.

  2. Haha… Dad! I went to an onsen before you did, remember? So, I was up to it, and I certainly would be up to it again!

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