2 nd august Pimba here we come

What a day – was always going to be a challenge as we decided to ride the full 172 km straight to the first settlement on this road – Pimba.
Fantastic road surface – interesting ancient landscapes – thoughtful roar train drivers who thunder past in the right hand lane if it is clear ahead BUT – we had a brisk and unrelenting headwind for the whole 172 km.
Charles did the lions share of the pace setting and I would take a turn when he needed a bit of respite. Was a huge day – energy levels started to drop off as we counted down the Kms for the final 40 odd Kms into Pimba.
We were both totally spent by the time dismounted for the last time.

The real smart thing— we did mange was to find a lovely grey nomad couple towing a big van – a nice girl from near melbourne – Pauline Armstrong. She agreed to drop off some of our gear to the roadhouse — “Spuds” at Pimba. This made all the difference as the battle into the headwinds was exhausting and without that extra kgs we coped better.

We did not notice how cute our new hair styles were at our lunch spot till we loaded the pics

Some very interesting salt lakes along this road

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