www.wind guru.cz. Rest day at Spuds

Need to thanks Graham More for putting us on this great web site – wind guru. Enables any user to create an area specific wind forecast for anywhere on the planet. has proven it’s worth and we decided discretion was the better part of valor with a predication of very strong northerly winds developing thru the day.

We have been doing the tourist thing and cycled out to the settlement of Womera. It was the base of joint scientific rocket work between the Uk and the US since WW2 for development and safe range testing of new rockets and missiles. A long and interesting history and also recently the base for detention of illegal immigrants to aus. Now mostly shut down so the large towns population is severely depleted from it’s heyday years of the 60’s 70’sand 80’s

Some local wildlife to be seen from the roadside and also the area had a sprinkling of attractive spring wildflowers too

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  1. I’m starting a new political organisation aimed at keeping kiwi beekeeper / bike riders blocked at Australian immigration. They will be immediately deprived of their cycles and sent to a concentration camp in Malaysia, thus disincenting other kiwis from making the attempt. My main complaint is their inability to recognise South Australia’a floral emblem, Sturt’s desert pea Swainsona formosa
    Please supply your new Malaysia address. Peter

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