Hunkering down for the weather bomb

We are at a small beach settlement called Ohiwa- near Ohope on the start of the East cape road. Decided to stay here in relative shelter ( we hope) as everyone is battening down the hatches for the really bad forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Started the day with a coffee at head office for Comvita – Paengaroa, We had posted a percel – Barbs new macpac down jacket- but alas it was the one day that the mail was hours late. We gave up and decided it would have to wait for a week till I return for a day or 2 of work.

We are crossing our fingers that we have made a good choice- seems that we will get some protection from the sth and west.

One comment

  1. HI Bruce-looks like you are having a great trip-I recall seeing lots of wombat roadkills in the high country-never mistook them for a wallaby though. I am at work, looking at your photos, thinking that I should be over there. Happy cycling Roger.

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