East Cape Lighthouse – crack of dawn

Yeh – right – Barb and “crack of dawn” are not normally terms that fit well together but today was an exception. She was cracking the whip with her plan to see the dawn rise at the eastern most point in nz.
We nearly made it timewise – just a wee bit late getting up and away. A lovely coastal drive in classic “whale rider”: country – lots of horses running wild as the local lads have forsaken them for holdens and other faster means of escape.
There is a 700 step walk up through some pretty bush scenery – pretty steep bush that is – and the wonderful views to be had from the lighthouse. Needless to say we arrived too late for both the moment the light is turned off for daytime and the dawn itself. The misty cloudy day made us feel a bit better as even had we been there earlier we would not have enjoyed an amazing sunrise

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