Gold country – Beechworth and Chiltern ( days 4and 5)

from Moyhu the ride was gentle thru winery country but the turn off towards Beechworth was back into the hills. Was a steady climb all the way up to Beechworth – perhaps 15 Kms at about 7% gradient.
there is a lot to see in this part of Victoria as the old towns still have a remarkable collection of original old buildings dating from the 1850’s gold rush on this area. Some of the gold revenue made its way into permanent structures like the interesting old stone churches in Beechworth and the large stately pubs.

Beechworth pub – stayed the night here – 1850’s building

the town was a busy place with lots of local tourists spending time looking through the old and interesting shops – town has an historic theme to business’s and it looks great. There are a number of rail trail options here too and I met several groups doing the trails.

Next morning I had a great descent to look forward to – an incredible fast road that drops all the way down to another Gold town called Chiltern. Another relaxed stop with an interesting museum with a lot of history and information about how significant this town once was. Met the local beekeeper who also had a place right in town and he gave me the grand tour of his establishment. We talked bees for ages.
Final destination of the day has been a town in NSW – just over the border ( Murray River) – place called ” Howlong” Stopped at the old pub for some well earned rehydration. The very pleasant bar maid provided free chips – keeps u drinking – and she had this huge tv going with a sign under it saying ” 60 inch TV – don’t keep asking” I said to her ” I will not ask about the Telly – but how did this town get its name?”
She answered ” I’ve no idea a no ones ever asked” !!
Lived there for 18 years.
Well I goggled it at is has some origin in some aboriginal language. …. Ooloong ??




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