Day three – a great Aussy pub at Moyhu

After the unpleasant ride yesterday it was a big relief to find myself on a lovely scenic route with light traffic and almost zero trucks. back into the hills with a gradual climb that went up and up for the first 20 Kms. This bushy terrain with its dappled light road provided ample shade as body heat rose with the effort of the climb. rolling country for another 20 Kms before an exhilarating descent all the way down to Whitfield .

Road leaving Mansfield

Top of the climb before fast descent to Whitfield

There was no room in the Inn at Whitfield so I elected to ride on- arse was not happy- but it was camping or more cycling– cycling won.
from Whitfield the road was flat and moved through an area called King Valley and area known for fine wines and food. stopped for a late liquid lunch at a winery and after sampling purchased and enjoyed a very nice glass of a red wine from the Sangiovese grade.


The small country pub at Moyhu had a room for me and an entertaining evening with the locals. Must say the locals I have met have all been friendly to a fault and the experience is better for that.



  1. Great to hear how much fun you’re having, Dad! Scenery looks beautiful, sticking to the scenic routes sounds like the key. 🙂 Hope BT didn’t complain too much today.

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