A conversation with my bottom ( in australian)

My legs ( LG) bottom ( BT) and head (H) had this conversation before today’s ride

LG —-” I think we should make a beeline for Wang ( wangeratta) today only about 120 Kms should be bonzer – the legs are up for it- piece of cake.”
Bt —- ” no way cobber – I way I’m feeling 120 Kms will be way to much”
LG. “are you fair dinkum arsehole ?”
Bt ” Don’t talk to me like that – it is not about that place where the sun don’t shine – its about the sit bones – the interface between the saddle and torso!
LG. No time to spit the dummy mate!
BT — Fair suck of the sav mate – if you want to do bigger days later on on this trip the best thing is to give me time to acclimatize

Head overruled and decided to err on the side caution and go for a slightly shorter day to aid recovery. found a pub at Moyhu after 87kms

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