Day 2 – Mansfield- 82 Kms but seemed like 182kms

My expectations of an early start went out the window as soon as I looked out the window and discovered fog and a chilly 5 degrees. Stayed for the 8 am opening of the breakfast service and was finally away after 9.30. It quickly warmed up with perfectly clear skies – little wind – great conditions for riding.
the route took a big dog leg circuit and eventually I opted to push for Mansfield. Traffic became really bad after about 35 kms with a lot of heavy trucks and roads that are far too narrow. lots of Australians also seem on holiday at present ( school hols here too) To give some perspective I would say that the entire Stuart highway – Augusta to Darwin – is a whole lot safer than today’s route. I am anxious to get off this highway and start using the back roads.

rail trail alternative Bridge at a place called Bonnie Doon – 20 Kms from Mansfield

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